1973 2.4E Targa Body Restoration

At a casual glance there doesn't appear much wrong with this car.

However closer inspection reveals all is not how it should be

Large door gaps a sure sign of weakness in the shell

Starting to strip the car down reveals previous accident damage.

Some poor repairs will need investigating further

Lots of filler hidding something

Inner wings seem good though

Rust in the sills

Carefully protected interior prior to paint stripping

Paint stripping begins

Revealing rust perforations in the bonnet

The previous poor repair work to the front suspension pan and tank support

A mess was made of the front panel

Previous repairs to the windscreen surround will need to be removed and done properly

Filler as thick as my finger in the sill

More accident damage to the rear quarter

Along with rust

Previous accident damage to the front bumper has been poorly beaten out.

Rear bumper also damaged and rusted through

Other half also damaged

We have a lot to do!

Suspension removed and shell fitted to the Jig

Removal of panels which will be replaced

Rust in the kidney bowl but we have seen far worse

Damaged section of inner wing removed so it can be repaired

Back on the jig

A few issues to sort out...

First trial fit of new panels

Trial fit of new suspension pan

Repair section fabricated for tank support

Trial fit of outer panels after straightening inner wings

Suspension pan and inner reinforcements (missing from the previous repair) welded in place

Sitting on the jig nicely now

Nice gaps

Upper tank support fitted now the front is sitting square

Making a repair section for the rear inner wing

More accident damage this time to the inner sill, floor and jacking point

Should be straight!


New section of inner sill

Making up the support piece for the lower A-post

Later larger kidney bowl fitted for added strength

Good gaps

Jacking point and floor nice and straight again.

Replacement targa gussets

Sills and kidney bowls completed both sides


The rear crossmembers currently available are shaped differently to those originally used on a '73 car. Early shape on top replaces the section from the new panel below.

Inner wing coated with epoxy mastic before rear quarter fitted

Shell now sitting square and flat on the jig

And off the jig

Trial fit of window frames, targa hoop and targa top

Front screen corners repaired

Drivers door required a new skin

New passenger door has detail differences to a '73 door so we backdate those to make it more original

Metalwork finished

First stage primer applied

This is rubbed down with 120 then 240 grade paper

And primered again

The same for the bodyshell

All the new panel joins are then seam sealed


Before an anti chip coating is applied to match the factory finish

2nd primer coats rubbed down

Underside and inside of panels painted

Outside of panels painted

And finally the shell is painted

All panels and the shell are flated back for a super smooth finish

And then polished back up

Suspension fixings Zinc Plated

And powder coated

Reassembled and back on the car

Plenty of cavity wax

Back on it's wheels

Almost finished

All Done

Reunited with it's owners.