Porsche 2.7 Full Engine Rebuild

Two engines ready for rebuild in our engine room, one on the left is the 2.7

Ancillaries have to come off first

Part way through strip down, a bit mucky!

Miss aligned timing gears has led to wear on the sprockets

New parts

Case ready for reassembly with new bearings

Crank with new bearings and rod bolts

Replated fixings

Case halves reassembled

New headstuds

New barrels and Pistons

Reconditioned Cylinder heads fitted

Cam carriers cleaned ready for fitment

Chain cases sealed before fitment

New and old sprockets compared

Rocker shafts fitted with O-rings, a modification to prevent leaks

Timing chains fitted

Engine complete, now for tinware and ancillaries

New fuel injectors

New heat exchangers

All back together


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