1976 2.7S Rust repairs

This '76 2.7S came in for what we thought would be routine sills, kidney bowls, B-post and floor edges, but the rust had taken a much greater hold than we thought.

The car is stripped down

and the underseal cleaned back to reveal rust damage and poor previous repairs

Repair section made for the top of the front inner wing

And similar on the other side

Rust behind the front bumper mounts has eaten through the inner wings

New bumper mount used as a guide when fabricating repairs to the inner wing behind it

Quite a few hours work involved in reconstucting the inner wing around the battery box

Rusted rear inner wing cut away from torsion tube

Repair sleeve fitted to torsion tube

repair panel fitted with strenghtening plate

New panel welded in place

with new suspension arm

new floor edge welded in place


Rust in the lower A-post cut away

to reveal previous poor repairs to the inner structure

using what looks to be sections cut from another car!

A lot of reconstruction to do here!

section fabricated for the inner lower A-post

And a repair panel cut to fit the outer lower A-post

repair section fabricated to fit below the door hinges

New inner sill and jacking point in place

repair section fabricated for the rear inner wing

new kidney bowl in place

Filler most of the way along the door bottoms means the most effective repair will be new door skins

Likewise the front wings have extensive rust and will be replaced

Outer skin removed

Edges cleaned and treated

New skin fitted

lining up the outer sill and door gaps

Repair to the lower rear wing

New wing mounting plate fitted after repairs made to the metal under it.

All the metal removed from the passenger side!!!

repairs had been made over the rust

some pieces are three layers thick with repair over repair...

And now on to the drivers side

To find such delights as fibreglas patches!

Covering over rust!

And holes

Seam sealer hiding rust

Previously replace panels not welded on

Usual rust in the kidney bowls

Rust in the torsion tubes

Rust has eaten through three layers of metal, all will need to be reconstructed

Replaced with new section

New section made for inner wing

New kidney bowl in place

Rear of Front inner wing, new section welded in

New B-post and outer sill in place

Rusted area behind the front bumper mount cut away

New section fabricated

Metalwork almost finished

Some of the uglier bits we cut out!

In primer

Stone chip coating on inner wings

Shiney Guards Red

Epoxy coating and sealing strip applied ready for the wings to go on

Epoxy also used on underside and inner rear wings

No more horrible patches...


Door membrane to stop water ingress

Plenty of cavity wax

Almost there

Wheel alignment after refitting the rear suspension

Rear alignment

Front Tracking