1975 2.7S Bare metal Repaint

This car will be restored and returned to its original colour of Guards Red.

Before - they always look great in photos!


Strip down begins



Revealling plenty of the original Guards Red

And Rust!

And previous poor repairs under filler

surface rust under the paint.

Secondhand doors are sourced as the original are beyond economic repair.

Getting ready for panel work.

Panel removal starts

Revealing more rust!

Floorpans are particularly bad under the sound deadening

Inner sills also rotten

Full floor pan removed

Rear inner wing badly effected, suspension removed for access

Rust extends through the chassis rail and heater channel

Heater channel repaired and painted with a Zinc rich epoxy

As is the inside of the repair panel

And the sills

Looking better!

And suspension refitted

Numerous edges to adjacent panels need repair

Sections made up

And welded in.

New Full floor pan fitted

Some of the removed sections!

New wings waiting.

Sill components ready for trial fitting.

And all together

Some repairs under the fuel tank

On the rear edge of the roof

In the rear seat pans

New seal retaining strip

Repairs to the front inner wings.

More repairs to the floor to inner sill join.

Sections welded into the rear screen corners and parcel shelf.

All repaired areas are then given a coat of a two part epoxy zinc primer.

Panels are etch primed

And then a high build primer applied

The same process is followed on the shell

It is then guide coated

And rubbed down

Before being primed again with a 2K primer and then left to settle for a few weeks before wet flatting ready for topcoat.

After flatting the 2nd coats of primer its ready for paint Glasurit 22 line being chosen. Engine bay and luggage compartment painted first then the loose panels

Finally the shell gets paint

Paint is then rubbed down with 2000 then 3000 grit and polished

Reinstating the black around the door edges

Car will now be left to sit for a few weeks before reassembly starts

New carpet set fitted

New headlining installed

Interior waiting to be refitted

Epoxy coating to inner wings

And protected with wax

All important door membranes

Door and window frames polished and reanodised

Rebuilt Engine ready to go back in,

Suspension alignment

Ready for test drive