1977 2.7 Sportomatic Bare metal Repaint and engine rebuild


Our customer bought this car sight unseen and this is what greeted us when we arrived to collect it, it has been up on blocks since 2008 and off the road since 1996.


The car had been partially dismantled and with not much sympathy

Love these details, the original painters "signature" under the dashtop

After stripping down the interior and exterior panels the engine was removed and the shell steam cleaned

nice original paint under the arches

But some not so nice previous repairs, these will be removed and done again.

Usual rust behind the front bumper mounts

And in the rear screen corner

Door check strap has pulled through the door so this will need repairing, tricky as it is double skinned.

Overall though not a bad shell

Will have to sort out the old alarm wiring though!

Next paint removal begins

Next to deal with the rot.
Both front sunroof drain tubes had rusted through and needed replacing along with the screen corners

And one rear screen corner

The front bumper mounts had rotted away also damaging the inner wings

Usual rust in the kidney bowls, B-posts and sills both sides

Into primer

Engine parts sent off for vapour blasting

Cases and heads sent for machining

Suspension stripped and sent for plating, powder coating, vapour blasting as appropriate

Under body stone guard applied

And painted body colour (Grand Prix white)

Back from the paintshop

Wheels back from powdercoat

Ready for suspension reassembly

Subassemblies completed awaiting attachment to car

Meanwhile engine rebuild starts with new bearings

Bottom end completed.

New Barrels and Pistons

Rebuilt cylinder heads

Oil fed tensioner upgrade

Casings vapour blasted or powder coated as appropriate.

Stainless exhaust and exchangers

Ready to go back in the car

Sunroof ready for reinstall

New headlining

Original rear trim thoroughly cleaned and re fitted with new carpets

Plastic liners fitted to the doors before the trims

Re-trimmed front seats

And back on its reconditioned cookie cutters

Wrapped up for underbody wax treatment.

And a final check over.

Ready for the road.

Awaiting collection