1987 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Common Rust repairs

The car didn't look bad at all to the casual observer  and this is one of the main problem with these cars, they hide the issues very well.

New panels have arrived from Porsche

Weight of car supported under the suspension so it sits as it would on the road.

Upon stripping out the car we discovered that the door membranes were missing, this can lead to soggy door cards and

warped door pockets!

After removing the wings, the mud trapped along the top edge had rotted the inner wing so this was cut away

And new metal welded in.

Usual rust in the Kidney bowl, B-Post and sill is cut away and new panels fitted

This is the mud trap that causes the problem

Lower edge of the rear wing has also corroded, a repair piece is fabricated

Removed section of rear wing refitted

All the scrap, this is just from one side!!

And Repeat for the other side....

Again the removed piece of the rear wing needs repair before it can be reinstated.

In primer ready for paint

Rusty front bumper mount removed and the inner wing repaired

New bracket trial fitted to ensure correct bumper alignment

Fitted, sealed and painted

New panels (even genuine Porsche) do not come with the joints sealed, failure to do this will result in premature rusting

They are also undersealed and finaly a wax coating applied after painting.

On this occasion the owner choose also to remove the screen and deal with any developing rust before it took hold

New headlight gaskets

The missing door membrane is fitted this time!