1976 3.0 Turbo Full Restoration

As one leaves another arrives, 3.0 Turbo in for full restoration, it looks fine but looks can be deceiving!

A quick leakdown test before the engine comes out

Once stripped of paint the bad previous repairs are revealed

Thick with filler

Even filler to make the right shape around the sunroof opening!!

And the usual inner wing rust

And screen corners

Floors removed

More rust and bad repairs

On to the jig

Cutting away the rot

Reconstruction starts

Just some of the scrap

Just trial fitted at this stage

More rot in the suspension mounts

New sections fabricated and welded in place

And another trial fit

Inner wing repairs

Front panels finally welded on

Screen corner repair

Repeat for other side

And trial fit again...

Now moving down the car onto the inner sills

Jacking points and kidney bowls

Outer sill

And repeat

Sunroof repairs

And onto the rear quarters, inner wing cleaned back and coated with epoxy mastic before new panel is fitted

Rear quarter spot welded as per the factory

Nice door gaps

Starting to look like a car again

Onto the rotessaire to finish the underside welding

And ready for paint prep

Epoxy primer first

And anti chip protection as per the factory

before body color

Back on the trolley for final gapping and adjustments before primer.

Replacing the rotten frame in the turbo tail with a donor from another engine lid.

A sample of the original leather.