1982 3.0SC Bare Metal Repaint, Engine Rebuild and Suspension Refresh

A genuine Irish 911 from new is a rare car, this one is in great shape for an unrestored car but now needs some care.

First job a good pressure wash to remove years of grime.

And a thorough clean through out

Most of the usual rust areas are perfect.

Suspension has not been touched since it left the factory.

Strip down starts.

Sills, Kidney bowls and B-posts replaced both sides

Masked up ready for paint stripping

Inner wings cleaned back and protected with epoxy mastic

And stonechip coating applied

And into primer

Inner wings painted

And flatted down

2nd Primer

Shell into paint

Panels painted

Black edging reinstated (also note original hand written build number)

Shell polished and unmasked ready for reassembly

New parts ready for fitment

Original stickers reinstated

Reassembly begins

Plastic reinstated on door interior

Full engine rebuild

Reunited with the car

A new badge to finish off


First test drive starts here!