1980 3.0SC Sill, B-Post and Kidney bowl replacement

The car looked OK but on close inspection the sills and B-posts were showing the typical signs of corrosion.

And the front bumper mounts where also in need of attention

Kidney bowl corrosion

Outer Sill also removed

Repairs to inner sill

New kidney Bowl

Outer Sill and B-Post also replaced

Repeat for the otherside


Lower section of the rear wing with rust previously filled over!

A new section made

And welded back in place

The leftovers...

This car also had the common rust in the front bumper mounts, the old mounts are removed and new sections made for the inner wing.

It's a complicated area

New mounts are then fitted

Top edge of the inner wing also required a section to be replaced

And onto the otherside

Finished repairs are Zinc coated

Then painted with epoxy mastic

Into the oven for paintwork

Matching colours on an old car which has been painted before can be hard. On the right the colour formulated by a spectrometer (too orange ), On the left the colour formulated from the paint code (too red), In the middle our colour match tinted by eye!