1960 Porsche 356T5B - Full restoration

As it arrived in the workshop, the car has been off the road for 20 years and has 
had several owners in that time who have attempted to restore it.

Floors long since removed

From Underneath

The engine as it arrived in

Suspension, wiring and all remaining items stripped from car

Car is mounted to a trolley

Door gaps still seem amazingly good but are braced until strength can be returned to the shell

Off to be Soda Blasted

Floor ready to be fitted after many trial fits

Mounted to the Rotessarie

Over she goes

Front chassis rails, bulkhead and cross-member replaced

New battery box in place

Front inner wings and nose fitted

Engine Lid stripped and in good shape.

Heat duct brackets repaired

Inner sections coated with Zinc primer

Rear section around the heater duct exit fabricated and repaired

Don't forget the heater ducting!

Longtitudinal (sill) fitted

Jacking Point in place

And closing panel fitted

Repeat for the otherside

Both Longtitudinals in place and starting to look very solid again.