1960 Porsche 356T5B - Full restoration to GT Spec


The finished shell into the paintbooth for epoxy primer

Panels fitted for final gapping

At the customers request both the new louvred and the original engine lids are being made to fit the same opening.

Lead loading begins

Centre fill measured and cut into new bonnet, hand forming a return flange

After Leadwork is completed, a further coat of epoxy is applied.

Arty Shot!

Before a 2k high build primer is applied.

Underside preped for stone chip coating

Which is overpainted with Satin black 2k

Interior painted in body colour (Aetna blue)

And masked up for protection

Engine bay and luggage compartment in Satin Black

Final primer in black to help show any imperfections

Bumpers are the final metal work needed, we want them to sit closer to the body so modifications are needed.

Some edges need to be remade to match the shape of the shell

With a recess for the reversing light

First paint on the panels

Shell rubbed down ready for paint

And masked up

Edges first

Flatting and polishing begins

And paint work finished

Bumper fit came out well.

Awaiting reassembly.

Speedster bucket seats trimed in leather and carpet.