1960 Porsche 356T5B - Full restoration to GT Spec


Strip down begins

Cage welded in to prevent distortion during the stripping process

At first glance the shell seems solid enough but unfortunately it has been restored in the past and has an awful lot of patchwork repairs that are well below todays standard. It has also suffered from accident damage to the righthand rear wing, bumper and chassis rail as well as the lefthand front.

Both front wings are a patchwork of repair sections and plates in many cases overlapping one another, hammered down and filled over.

Underneath the front wings is no better

Some repairs aren't even welded but pop riveted

A similar story underneath on the floorpan, poorly welded repairs roughly hammered into place.

And inside the floor similar repairwork.


Even the roof has suffered with a repair to the outer skin and inner rails

And a repair under the petrol tank.

Some newer rust damage in the engine bay

On the positive side all the removable panels are original to the car

The engine lid is good

The doors have some poor repairs that will need re-doing but are saveable


The bonnet however will need replacing.

Since the panel alignment starts with the doors and works forwards and backwards from there, we will start by restoring the doors first.

The skin is cut off and damaged areas of the frame replaced a section at a time.

More repair sections made

All the sections removed from one door!

Interior coated with a 2 part Zinc epoxy whilst it is still accessible.

Similar work is carried out on the other door, basically consisting of reconstructing the lower half of the frame.

Wax is injected in the seams after the Zinc epoxy is applied

Door skins are crimped on but not welded yet.

A much healthier looking door!

Doors and frames trial fitted to give a data point for future work.

A long way to go....

Shell mounted to the rotissary

Work starts on removing the floorpan

More rusted sections found once the sills are cut open!

Floor pan and previous poor repairs to the perimeter removed

Work starts on properly repairing the perimeter of the floor pan starting with the lower bulkhead for which a section is fabricated.

Repairs to the front chassis rails

All closed sections are zinc primed inside

Diagonal cross member trial fitted

Damaged tunnel sections straightened out

Inside tunnel protected whilst accessible

Fuel tank floor removed

Guides and brackets are removed from the old section and spot welded onto the new panel

New panel not quiet correct so edges are modified to match the original

And welded into place

Complete with drain holes as original

Underside and under dash protected whilst access is easy without the floor in place.

Pile is growing!

Trial fit of the floor pans

Welding into place along the centre tunnel only for now

Floor perimeter will be attended to later on.

Rear of the engine bay

Sections removed

And a new rear crossmember fabricated

New sections welded in place

And zinc primed

New heatshield spot welded in place

Rear chassis leg rot cut away

And repaired

Crushed section of chassis leg removed

And replaced once straightened

Areas of shell etch primed

Shell removed from rotessairy to allow nose sections to be removed.

Hundreds of spotwelds drilled out...

More corroded internal panels which will need repair

The ever increasing scrap pile!

Jig brackets fabricated to enable the shell to be bolted to the jig bed to keep it flat and square whilst the floor and sills are welded in place.

Remaing front end panels removed

Inner sill sections fabricated and welded in.

Original style of fabrication joins re-instated

And still it grows..

Trial fit of front end panels

Trial fit of outer panels

GT style wing mirror

Donor engine lid for GT louvred Skin

After removing the outer panels again, the inner panels are fianlly welded in place

Spotwelded as original where possible

The metal is then etch primed to protect it whilst work moves to another area of the shell

Before the sills (longtidudinals) can be fitted more areas of rust need to be cut out and repaired.

Also the heater channels need repairs, with new sections fabricated for the ends of the pipes

New heater tubing made up

Inside of sills coated with epoxy before fitting

Repair sections fabricated to panels adjoning the new sill

Jacking point welded in place

Similar repairs needed for the other side

That's better!

Smaller closing panel spotwelded in place

Trial fit of larger panel

Modifications needed

B-Post and rear inner wing removed

Repairs to edge of window frame

Trial fit of new panels

New inner wing trial fitted

Welded in place

Trial piece to check door gaps, a little more needs to be shaved off.

Repairs to the ends of the scuttle as the new front wings don't extend this far.

Inner sections treated with Zinc Paint


Inner wing removed from other side

These two are meant to fit together!

Thats better, as if by magic!

Trial fit show some reshaping required

Somewhat better now

Repair piece for the other side of the scuttle tacked in place

With both sides like this we are almost ready for the front end

Protected and sealed whilst accessible

Final check of bonnet gaps before welding on the nose cone

Further repairs to inner wing in engine bay, over lapping panels look untidy but it's how Porsche did it!

Repair sections welded into rear wing to replace thin pinholed metal.

Repairs around rear screen

Repairs to shock absorber mounts

Poorly done patch in rear seat pan removed and done properly

Repairs to rear quarter window surrounds

Trial fitting the seats to fit the mounts

Trial fit of the pedals to locate the mounts

Trial fit of quarter windows after repairs to B-posts

Repairs to the roof skin next, the old repair removed

Repairing the gutter rail first

Followed by a seamless repair to the outer skin

Next a new B-pillar is made from scratch

Trial fitted

And welded in place

Getting ready to fit the front wings

Rear edge has to be folded around the inner wing.


Tacked in place ready for tig welding

Nice gaps

Starting to look like a car again

Rear of car had suffered from poor repairs after accident damage so a new rear skin was ordered.

Before it can be fitted the new engine lid has to be put together, an aluminum GT skin is fitted to an original frame.

Rear is cut away and the inner panel cleaned up and treated

Engine lid used as a guide for fitting the new panel and setting gaps

Looks like we've got some work to do getting a good fit!

Some hours later and a good fit has been achieved and the panel is tacked in place

New section made for the lower corner

And finally off the jig

Back on the rotessairy for some final welding to the underside in areas impossible to reach on the jig.

A complete shell once again..

Seats painted satin black before triming