1967 Porsche 912 Body Restoration

This 1967 Porsche 912 is in for a body restoration which will be commencing in the next few weeks.

First task is to remove the running gear, wiring, cables etc back to a bare shell

And mount to a trolley

Next brace the shell and cut away the outer sills and floors

Off to the media blaster

And back again.

Which reveals lots of areas to repair! The car will need , a front panel, inner and outer sills, floors, front lower bulkhead, rear seat pans, parcel shelf, as well as other localised repair sections.

First job is the new floor pan

So the remainder of the old floors are cut away

And the areas that will be inaccessable later are treated and painted now.

And the floor pan put in place

Next the inner sill are cut away and the heater channels treated and zinc painted

And the new inner sill fitted

The lower A-post on one side also needed replacement.

Ready for the outer sill

Repair panel for the front edge of the rear wing clamped in place and the door fitted to check gaps when fitting the outer sill.

Next job is to remove the corroded parcel shelf after bracing the rear window aperture

The brackets and tabs are transferred from the old panel to the new.

New panel fitted

Next the rear screen corners can be tackled

And at the other end of the car a new front panel is fitted.

Remember this

New rear seat pans fitted

And then repairs to rear wing tops

Edges and vunerable areas sealed

And finally ready for a new coat of Polo Red

Body painted and flatted back ready for polishing

All pre-1970 911s had the interiors painted satin black so the exterior is masked and interior painted

Ready for exterior to be polished.

Finished and ready for collection by the customer who is going to reassemble it himself.