1986 911 Turbo Bare Metal Repaint

Looks great at first glance.


First step is a thorough clean.

Then strip down begins

Revealing the usual rust in the kidney bowls

And inner front wings

Around the headlights


Lower edges of the rear wings

The shell is masked up ready for paint stripper

And sanded back.

Inner front wings cleaned back to reveal the extent of the rust.

Rusted areas cut away both sides


And replaced with a new section

Front bumper mount removed

and inner wing repaired

before fitting a new mounting bracket

The passenger side sill area is removed, and reveals typical rot in the kidney bowl.

And plenty of rust in the sills!

Once the old panels are removed a few localised repairs are carried out to the inner sill

New panels

Are epoxy zinc coated inside.

As is the inner sill

New Kidney bowl panel fitted

Front section of inner sill repaired

Repair made for lower rear wing

Lower rear wing clamped back in its original location

More Zinc Epoxy

All welded back together, with new outer sill and B-post

The other side is much the same

Some of the removed metal!

Repair to rear lower edge of the rear wing

Rear chassis rail / rear crossmember junction in behind the passenger rear light has suffered from rot

Only way to access it is to remove a section of rear wing

Cleaned up

First of three overlapping sections is made up

Last section in place just leaving a few welds to be tidied before the removed section of rear wing is refitted

Metalwork complete

Underside of new front wings painted with a stonechip coating

Panels painted with a high build primer

Trial fit on the shell to check panel gaps

Etch primer onto shell

Followed by high build primer

Front inner wings painted with epoxy mastic

High build primer is guide coated and rubbed down

Final 2K primer applied

And guide coated ready to wet flat after it has settled for a few weeks.

Lots of parts to paint

Rubbing down paint for a flat finish

Part way through polish after flatting paint

25 pieces plus the bodyshell

Bumpers assembled with all new rubbers

Plenty of wax used during assembly

Joints sealed

Testing lights before fitting

Freshly powder coated heat shield installed


New stone guards

New door membranes

Spoiler painted

And installed

Interior cleaned and refitted

Refurbished wheels fitted with new tyres

All back together

Ready for collection

Pleased to have it back!