1989 Porsche 911 3.2 Coupe - Rebuild

One of the last impact bumper cars this 911 3.2 Carrera Coupe G50 will undergo a comprehensive rebuild including:

Bare metal repaint, Engine rebuild, Suspension rebuild, Interior Refresh


Shell stripped down and ready for paint strip.

Outer sill and rear wing trial fitted

Gutter is spot welded as it would have been at the factory

Ready for primer

Loose panels stripped to metal

And coated with a filler primer (in black so any minor blemishes stand out)


Gaps are checked again.

Inner wings are prepared

And shell is painted in black primer

Inner wings are coated with body sealer

Black primer is rubbed down ready for final primer coats

Panels joins are sealed

Underside of Front wings also coated with sealer

As well as the valances

Final primer wet sanded and ready for Colour Coat

New / reconditioned suspension components are laid out ready for reassembly

The shell on it's way back from the paintshop - a nervous 20min journey!

Back safely for re-assembly to begin

No rust here anymore...

Lovely panel gaps

And clean fresh window openings

Plenty of wax will be sprayed around the vunerable areas on completion

Suspension rebuild starts

And back on the car

New brake master cylinder and resevoir

Wheels return from a full refurbishment

Rear spoiler assembled and ready to fit

Bumpers assembled with new rubbers and lenses

Door frames stripped and re-powder coated

New window regulators

Front oil cooler reconditioned

New windscreen, rubber and trims

Seats re-trimmed in leather to factory pattern

perforated centres as original

Scruffy boot trim replaced with new

Options sticker reinstated

Cavity wax never far from reach during reassembly

Shell almost complete

Onto the engine - see more here Engine rebuild

Engine ready to be reunited with the car

All in and connected up.

Front and rear suspension connected up.

Finally finished