1973 Porsche 911E - Bare Metal repaint and Engine Rebuild

This 911 was brought in for a paintwork refresh and an Engine rebuild.

Removing the sill covers reveals some rot

Battery boxes look good

Wing plates need replacing

only surface rust

Engine and gearbox removed

Once the shell is stripped of parts work starts on stripping the paint. This is done with a chemical stripper

Meanwhile the engine is moved to our clean room for strip down.

Details of the engine build can be seen here or by clicking on the picture below

New wing support panels are fitted

As well as the seal reatining strip on the front panel

The tank support panel had started to corrode between the seams so this was replaced as well as a repair to the floor panel below it.

And all zinc primed

Areas of corrosion on the front corners of the doors are cut out

And into primer

The painted shell returns from the paintshop

And reassembly starts

Its all in the details. Black edging reinstated on the doors and other areas where body colour shouldnt show through.

Flexible sealer used under and around trims as per the factory

And around the wing to body joints

Plastic mambrance fitted under the door trim panels


Fuel tank prepped with a new coat of sealer and a new gasket.

New rubber seals are used all round

And clear cavity wax as necessary.

Almost there, just awaiting the lights and engine.