1973 Porsche 911E Engine Rebuild

In our clean room ready for strip down.

All ancillaries removed

Strip down of the engine begins

Cam carriers, heads and barrels removed

Cases split

Strip down complete

The cases are sent away for machining (timeserts, oil bypass and face honing )

New bearings fitted

Crankshaft, intermediate shaft and oil pump in place

Through bolts and new seals ready to join the case halves

Bearings coated with graphogen to protect them on first start up.

Bottom end reassembled with new timing chains and headstuds

Pistons receive new rings and base gaskets

Heads have been reconditioned (new guides, faces machined new exhaust studs and valves seated)

Barrels and heads fitted.

Cams and timing gear fitted.

Cam timing

Engine complete

Now the ancillaries can go back on, starting with the reconditioned MFI pump

Ready to be reunited with the car.