1981 Porsche 911 SC Bare Metal Repaint

The car looks good on first inspection but needs work to the B-posts and Kidney bowls, it has also been repainted a number of times before so the decision was made to strip it to bare metal.

Strip down begins

All panels back to the metal

"Kidney Bowl" looked solid at first glance but further inspection revealed the metal to be very thin.

Old panels removed

Drivers side also needs replacing

New sections in place on passenger side

Repaired areas coated with epoxy mastic whilst access is easy.

Lower rear wing needed a repair section made

Clamped back in it's original location

Metal work finished.

Lots of pieces to paint

In Primer ready for topcoat.

In the oven preparing for colour coat

Colour base coat applied

Clear Laquer Applied over basecoat

Back from the paintshop

Lovely Colour (HellBlau)

Starting to prepare for refit, vunerable areas are coated with epoxy mastic.

And then treated with an underbody anti-corrosion wax

Underside also waxed

And the kidney bowls well protected


The finished car

Photoshoot of the finished car for a UK Porsche Magazine