1984 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Sills, B-posts and Kidney Bowl replacement

The car didn't look bad at all to the casual observer  and this is one of the main problem with these cars, they hide the issues very well.

The main clue that something was brewing being this small bubble showing above the rubber moulding.

Even with the cover sill removed it didn't look too bad.

However a few light taps and this was revealed. The sill was rusting from inside and the metal was wafer thin in places.

The other side seemed more solid but closer inspection revealed that a plate had been welded on in the past (probably to get it through an MOT) and was probably hiding similar rot to the other side.

The front of the floorpan was also in need of surgery

So into the workshop for strip down

Surgery starts with removal of the shut panel (B-post) to reveal, well not much really, there should be a reinforcing panel here (Kidney Bowl) but it has rusted almost completely away.

Fortunately the Oil cooler and lines can be lowered sufficiently to clear the work area without being disconnected

This reveals more rot though!

The Lower section of the rear wing is removed for access but will be replaced later

And the inner sill is also removed as this was also compromised along it's lower edge. Surface rust inside is cleaned back and treated.

The new panels and the inside of the structure are painted with a Zinc rich epoxy primer

Don't forget to replace the heater duct, it would be REALLY frustrating if it was forgotten.

Inner sill panel welded in place and also coated with protective Epoxy paint.

Outer sill and Kidney Bowl trial fitted to ensure good door gaps (Porsche Genuine Panels - the repro ones will cost you the difference in Labour getting them to fit!)

This is the area that causes the problems, over time dirt builds up in the gap between the front of the kidney bowl and the rear of the shut panel and eventually the trapped moisture rots both panels. When work is finished the area will be well protected with a wax based underseal and the owner instructed to keep it cleaned out!

The removed section of the rear wing needs attention before it can be re-fitted

A repair section is made up

The repaired panel is then held back in it's original location by special clamps

All back together ready for prep for primer and paint.

Except that we still have to repeat the process on the other side.

Remember that this side looked quite solid

Perhaps not!

The Kidney Bowl has disintergrated

And the panel previously welded on to the sill was put straight over the existing rust which continued to rot way underneath, so this side will also need an inner sill.

You could grow veg in here!

All cut away and primed ready for the new panels.

Inner sill fitted and primed

Kidney bowl and outer sill in place

Rear wing section repaired and refitted where it came off.

Scrap metal!

Rear of panels are seam sealed along all joins

And a wax impregnated underseal is applied

Finally a wax coating is applied after the underseal has dried.

Same picture but without flash, a bit less vibrant looking! In reality the wax dries almost clear.

Another part of this job was to remove the front wings (a new drivers side wing was required anyway) and to clean up the inner wings.

They are then painted with epoxy mastic ( a two part paint that remains slightly elastic and is very durable)

Then when dry sprayed with the same wax coating used under the rear wings

Finally just the small matter of paintwork and putting the car back together for the finished article.

All done and on to the next job, which in this case was a clutch, service and new brakes on the same car!