Porsche 964 Full Engine Rebuild

Engine and gearbox removed from car

Longterm oil leak mixed with dust from the clutch makes for quite a mess!

Much improved after a steam clean

Engine also cleaned to make strip down a more pleasant job

Into the clean room for tear down

Cracked Inlet manifold bases

Seized fanbelt sensor - note witness mark on fanbelt.

Broken Headstud!

Corrosion to Rocker Cover

Loose and missing pulley bolts!

Broken mounting lugs on fan shroud

Missing exhaust studs

Badly coked exhaust valve stems mean engine has likely been burning more oil than it should.

Engine tinware corroded

Broken headstud (second in top left) has been allowing gas to escape, note blackened area.

And again blackened area on righthand cyl head.

Exhaust is servicable but not pretty!

Damage to timing chain guide has left debris in the case and oil pick up.

Worn bearings

All in All no major damage and all easily fixed with a regular rebuild.

The rebuild starts with cleaned cases

New bearings and chains

Case halves sealed with loctite 574

993 headstuds fitted

Cylinder barrels and heads machined to take a sealing ring.

Almost ready for cam timing

Engine finished, ancillaries and tinware next...

New parts

Some of the re-plated parts

New sports silencer

The Finished engine

All the replaced parts

Light weight clutch and flywheel

Various seals and mounts replaced on the gearbox

Ready to go back in the car

Back where it belongs

During its first test drive

All running as it should....


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