1979 Porsche 911SC Targa full renovation

This 3.0SC has suffered rust in the usual places and has a tired interior, it is in for a bare metal respray, replacement of rusted areas and a full interior re-trim in leather.

Doesn't look too bad at first glance

Until you look closer

Strip down begins with removal of the engine

And then bumpers etc

Dirt collecting on the bumper brackets causes rot to the inner wings

Most of the bracket has corroded away

Well advanced Kidney Bowl Rust

Ready for a good clean before we remove the glass.

Gearbox cleaned ready to be shipped for a rebuild


Now into the workshop for rust repairs

Doesn't look like much wrong, only a few bubbles!!

Until you look closer

Braces added to maintain and adjust door gap.

Kidney bowl rust

Removed and area cleaned.

Reconstruction begins

Using the disc to recreate the correct gap for reattaching the lower wing.

Repaired areas epoxy primed

New B-Post in place

Area will eventually be undersealed and painted then waxed.

Repeat for other side

Full inner and outer cill required this side

More Epoxy

Inner cill clamped in place.

Front Bumper mount a little worse for wear!

Bracket removed

Otherside similar

And cleaned up

Tops of inner front wings have suffered where mud gets trapped around the pipework.

Repair panel being fabricated for the lower front inner wing.

More front inner wing work

Inner sill and kidney bowl welded in place.

And epoxy coated

Drivers side lower rear wing needs repair before it is refitted.

New B-post in place.

And rear wing section refitted.

Back to the front bumper mounts cutting away the ragged edges

Fabricate a section and weld in

Fit new Bumper bracket

Repeat for other side

Protect with epoxy mastic

And then stonechip coating to replicate original finish

Repairs will be undetectable once body colour is applied

Now metal work repairs are almost complete work starts on stripping the shell back to metal

Hopefully the filler in the bottom of the engine lid isn't hiding anything nasty!

Welding finished and in bare metal

Into Primer

Whilst the car goes off to paint other jobs are progressed

The gearbox gets rebuilt

The interior gets retrimed

The engine gets a refresh

Back from paint

Structure looking much healthier

And starting to go back together with new heater valves, shocks, discs, calipers etc


Lights, engine lid, targa hoop, rear screen etc reassembled

Front inner wings in paint and vunerable bumper mounts protected with wax. Also new Bilstein sports shocks fitted

Black edging to doors painted on

And floors treated with epoxy mastic before carpets are glued in

Before and After!      Seats retrimmed in Porsche Nappa hide.


Interior refitted

A very important piece of plastic if you don't want soggy door cards!

Next the Targa frame had to be rebuilt. The frame components are powder coated in a textured satin black.

And reassembled with the aluminium plates

Which is covered in cloth

And then foam

Finally the outer cover and headlining are fitted along with catches, covers and new seals

Rear bumper assembly fitted

Sill covers in place with new rubbers and end caps

Front end ready for bumper fitment.

And finally finished.