1974 911 Targa Custom build


The car as it arrived

Engine removed

And suspension removed

Strip down continues

And onto the jig

And straight into the metalwork with new kidney bowls

And sills

Repeat for the other side

Some fabrication for smaller areas of rust

Wheel arches are modified for a more rounded period look

Fuel filler flap welded up

Front wing backdated to take early style indicator housing.

And indicator repeater welded up completes one wing

And repeat

Early front panel also fitted and Longhood bonnet

Onto the rear arches

To try to match the shap of the fronts

Return lip shows the original shape of the turbo arch before we started

Rear bumper quarter modified to match arch profile

Tool made to press torsion hole in arch

Looking good

Trial fit of the front bumper

Measuring for centre fill hole in the bonnet

Stripping paint from remainder of panels

Into epoxy primer

And seam sealed

First stage primer

Underbody stone guard applied

Colour choices

Underside painted

Panels into primer

And then paint

And then flatted and polished

Final finish and panels hung for safe keeping

Interior trim choices

A bit of fun!