1978 911 Targa HotRod

The car as it was found, un-used for a number of years

We stripped the car completely and sent it off for paint and rust removal.

We then etch primed it.

And mounted it to the Jig

Front panels cut away ready for earlier panels for the backdated front end.

New suspension pan

Reinforcing plate fitted

Early style tank support cut in.

Early front section of inner wing trial fitted

And welded in place together with battery box

Early front panel also fitted

Early front wings

New inner sills and later (for extra strength) large kidney panel trial fitted

Repairs to lower inner wing

Repairs to torsion tube areas

And all welded in place, along with new targa hoop reinforcement

Repeat for the otherside

Once the new outer sills where fitted the shell can come off the jig for now.

For a few underside repairs

Rear crossmember removed

New panel backdated

Lower chassis rail repaired and captive nuts added for bumper mounts

Hard to reach areas coated with epoxy mastic before panel fitment

Rear wings being fitted

Backdating the front wings

loose panels into epoxy primer.

A common complaint with a targa is the weakness of the shell in comparison to a coupe. To conter the lack of a roof we have constructed a strengthening

frame and second floor skin, this should resist the targa shells tendancy to twist.

Frame welded in place and masked ready for protective coating

2nd floor skin welded in place

other half ready to go.

frame also welded through from underneath to give a box section floor.

A repair also needed areound the rear shock tube.

Wing modified to take forward mounted oil tank.

However the larger seatbelt pocket in the inner wing and the larger kidney bowl meant the oil tank would not fit so these

had to be altered, no easy task with the rear wing already on...

Section made complete with the blisters used to locate the oil tank.

finished complete with brackets to hold the retaining strap.

Another change is to blank of the righthand battery box and convert it to a duct for the oil cooler.


Seam sealing the panels before stonechip coating.

Stonechip coating on underside and fuel tank compartment

Epoxy applied to interior

Primer to exterior

And paint to underside

And interior along with Satin black detailing

Along with the underside of the wings and doors.

Trial fitting of the rear bumpers

Meanwhile preperation is underway for the engine build

High compression, twin plugged, EFi on throttle bodies...

And onwards with the painting.

And ready for flatting and polishing.

All the stages of paint.

The completed shell


The suspension starts to go together.

And on display on our stand at the RDS Classic car show.